• 182 collaborating partners
• Around 150 hectares of
coffee crops

• Exporting to the US market
6 gold coffee containers under
Legal and Institutional Procedures that Back Us

• Superintendency of Tax Administration - SAT
• Cooperative General Act
• National Institute of Cooperatives (INACOP)
• General Inspection of Cooperatives (INGECOP)
• Internal Regulations
• Organic Certificates and Fair Trade
• Export License guaranteed by the National Coffee Association (ANACAFE)
• Ministry of Agriculture, Cattle Industry, and Food (MAGA)
• Founding partner of Federation of Special Guatemalan Coffee (FECCEG)
• Project execution supported by Cordoba Council (Spain) through Intermon
• Project execution with Mercycorps with Green Mountain
• Heifer Project
• Project with PRODEL/ MAGA
• Root capital (Financial Institution)

Activities of the Cooperative

Our Cooperative Structure